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Website Error messages

Website Error messages

by Samantha Woodhouse -
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HI I am new to the site and trying to navigate around for a look see...not easy Im afraid. I keep being thrown out, and have tried to search for information/blogs relating Evaluation and have typed that into the search forums site and received an error message each time?

Any help/advise/top tips gratefully received? 

Can I ask do the forums automatically send an email to the author of the thread as replys are posted?

Thanks heaps


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Re: Website Error messages

by Stuart Taylor -
Hi Sam,
Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I suspect it relates to solr which is a very widely used indexing/search tool. Its use is problematic so I will try and see what we can do. In the meantime on the home page bottom-right corner should be a "Search Forums" box. This uses a different mechanism and appears to be working, albeit with more limited range.

ANTS uses Moodle ( to provide a framework for its online presence. We did this at a time when most of our members had little or no experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Its use proved worthwhile in the early days. Unfortunately Moodle takes a rigid course-centric approach. One tool set is forums, which in Moodle have limited flexibility. I have spoken with the original Moodle developer over the years in an attempt to have Moodle provide a more collaborative approach to how it works, eg allow more learning in a non-rigid-course structures. Unfortunately Moodle HQ has shown an unwillingness to change some aspects of how Moodle works maintaining a fairly rigid design philosophy.

Back to your question about Forums. The Moodle forum tool is largely forum-level based rather thread-level based, by this I mean there is little flexibly in how the forums operate. For example the main News and Discussion Forum on the front page sends a daily digest to 800 email address. Some of the posters may or may not still be members and may or may not still be subscribers. We are currently looking to move away from Moodle at the site level in the hope of providing more flexibility for learning approaches, eg focus group/research/discussion group type approaches. The difficulty for ANTS is that as a small voluntary group the running of multiple technology platforms can be a challenging.

Most of our members establish peer to peer/small focus group connections which is why a lot of our activity is still not captured online.


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