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seeking demographic data for information purposes

seeking demographic data for information purposes

by Michelle Girdler -
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Hi all

i am trying to chase some information about educators in Australia (i think this may have been asked before a couple of years ago , but will ask anyway!) as baseline information (and not for publication but for personal use only)  in regards to the following

im looking into what does the Nurse Educator (or what you may be titled) population look like across Australia

If anyone is willing and able to assist can you please let me know the following:


Region / Health Service / or other field

Number of educators in service ( estimate will do)

titles of educators used across states / regions

Private or Public service

 responses can be sent via this post or via my email

in advance thank you for any replies




In reply to Michelle Girdler

Re: seeking demographic data for information purposes

by Jenice Smart -

Hi Michelle


Following infor:


South West Healthcare warrnambool

1FTE manager

1.7 Clinical support nurses Graduate nurses

.5 clinical teacher for the organisation

.6 FTE Crit care educator

.6 FTE Midwifery educator

.6 FTE Peri-op educator

2.1 clinical support nurses for nursing students on a 12 month contract

Public health service


HGope this is useful