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NETNEP 2010 Group Discount for ANTS Members- Early Bird closes 29 Jan 2010

NETNEP 2010 Group Discount for ANTS Members- Early Bird closes 29 Jan 2010

by Stuart Taylor -
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ANTS Members

NETNEP 2010 3rd International Nurse Education Conference "Nursing education in a global community: Collaboration and networking for the future" 11 - 14 Apr 2010 Sydney, Australia. Visit the Conference site for more information

The conference organisers have highlighted the availability of group discounts for ANTS members. For groups of 5-9 people they will offer a 15% discount and for groups of 10 or more they will offer a 20% discount. This is in addition to the early bird discount (approx 7%) if submitted before 29 Jan 2010. The organisiers do require booking forms to be submitted together for the discount to be obtained. This will require ANTS members to send their Registration forms (attached) to the ANTS Secretariat for consolidation and forwarding to the event coordinators. The actual discount/cost to members will be determined by how many forms are received by the Secretariat.

The ANTS Secretariat will submit the forms in two stages, the first to obtain the early bird discount and a group discount if sufficient forms are received by the Secretariat by the 27 Jan (to allow for administration and submission on the 29 Jan). The second submission will occur to obtain the group discount based on the number of forms received by 1 April 2010. All forms received by the secretariat after 1 Apr 2010 will be immediately forwarded to the conference organizers.

Noting the actual cost to members will depend on how many forms are received, we can only accept forms using the credit card payment option. The forms can be submitted via fax or email noting if sent by email it must be a scanned copy of the signed form to allow the event organisers to process payment.

This is an international conference organized from the UK albeit held in Sydney Australia, hence payment is in Euros. As at 12 Jan 2010 the cash exchange rate is 0.6134, although note that this is just indicative as the credit card rate will depend on other factors and the date of the transaction. For example:

Europe Euro 423.50
At an exchange rate of: 0.6134
in the form of Notes (cash)
which is equivalent to
Australian Dollars 690.41

Note ANTS Scholarship applications for this conference will be considered separately with a special closing date of midnight 26 Mar 2010. Further details about ANTS scholarships and the application form is available here

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Re: NETNEP 2010 Group Discount for ANTS Members- Early Bird closes 29 Jan 2010

by Stuart Taylor -
I apologise for not checking my last post more carefully.

Please send your Registration forms to the ANTS Secretariat (administrative office services and general correspondence) Email:

If you can't send email Fax to 02 97151071.

If you have sent any forms to the ANTS Secretary or myself they will be actioned.

The Registration Forms should be authorised for the amount shown on the form, ie if you send us the form before 27 Jan 2010 'tick' the Early Delegate Registration amount or if after that date 'tick' the Late Delegate Registration.

Subject to ANTS receiving enough forms you will only be charged the group discount amount. If we don't receive enough forms you will be charged the advertised amount.

I apologise for any confusion.