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New books needing a review

New books needing a review

by Melissa Bloomer -
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Hi ANTS members,

I have two new textbooks from Oxford that need to be reviewed for the June edition of the eBulletin.  They are:-

Care in Nursing: Principles, values and skills
by McSherry, McSherry & Watson (2012 edition)


Nursing OSCEs: A complete guide to exam success
by Caballero, Creed, Gochmanski & Lovegrove (2012 edition).


If you are interested in reviewing either of these texts and can have your book review back to me by the 15th May, then please email me at  First come first served.  

Melissa Bloomer
e-Bulletin Editor 

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Re: New books needing a review

by Melissa Bloomer -

Care in Nursing has already been claimed.  Thank you

The second book is still up for grabs.