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Skill set for Nurse Education

Skill set for Nurse Education

by Sandra Campbell-Crofts -
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Skills Australia is commencing the Annual update of the Skills Occupation List (SOL).  The purpose of the document is to identify occupations that will assist in meeting the long term skills needs of the Australian economy.  Registered Nurses are recognised, however the special skills of Nurse Educators are not recognised in the list.  FYI paediatric surgeons are listed.  In this context I believe that the important role that Nurse Education contributes to the Australian economy should be recognised. 

Please review the document attached and all comments will be included in our submission.  The closing date is December 2011, so this discussion board will close 30th November 2011. 

Sandra Campbell-Crofts

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Re: Skill set for Nurse Education

by Deleted user -


There is a category for nurse educators however the classification is intermingled with nurse researchers within the  Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (2006). I suggest this is the document Skills Australia is working from.  I will send a formal response to the ANTS Executive as I have commented on this in my research on nurse educators.

Jan Sayers