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ANTS 45th National Annual General Meeting

ANTS 45th National Annual General Meeting

by Julie Shaw -
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Dear ANTS Members,

This is a message from the National Committee to advise you about changes in our National Committee membership and highlight our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM). We would also like to encourage you to attend our virtual National Nurse Education Conference 8-10 Sep 2021 (NNEC2021) which has a full program and exciting presenters.

Changes in National Committee Membership

Unfortunately, it is sad to report that we have had two long-term members – Michelle Girdler and Karen Simunov - are unable to continue in their positions on the National Committee.

The National Committee asked our Vice-President Julie Shaw to act as ANTS President.

Michelle Girdler is a long-term member of ANTS and has been the President for 9 years, and she was SA Branch President before being on the National executive. Michelle’s role as Director of Nursing Education, Research, Professional Practice and Workforce in the Central Adelaide Local Health Network has become more demanding with the pandemic and she resigned to apply herself to the current extra demands of her work. We thank Michelle for all her hard work as a member of ANTS, the National Committee, and as the President. We look forward to working with Michelle again in the future when our lives return to, dare I say, ‘normal.’

Karen Simunov is also a long-term member of ANTS and has been on the National Committee since 2012. Karen has resigned due to ill-health. Karen is employed as a Nurse Educator at the Central Adelaide Local Health Network. Karen has long been a valued member of ANTS and her major role on the National Committee has been writing and maintaining the Bulletin – no mean feat! We look forward to working with Karen again when her health improves.

More information on Michelle’s and Karen’s contribution to ANTS will be forthcoming in the next newsletter.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be conducted over a two-week period commencing with a “Zoom” based meeting to be held 17:15hrs 8 Sep 2021 (AEST). During the meeting an ANTS report will be presented with members having an opportunity to ask questions. This will be followed by a two-week online period where members will be asked to complete online committee nomination forms, ratify our financial and other reports, vote on matters raised as necessary, and ask questions on notice. The AGM will conclude with the National Committee providing an online report summarising the outcomes of the AGM.

Links to the AGM and online material will be sent to members ASAP.

Nominate for membership of the National Committee

ANTS is run by voluntary State and National Committees. It is essential for members to self-nominate or peer nominate to ensure we are able to continue to contribute to nurse education. The ANTS National Office has introduced online support mechanisms to assist Committee Members to perform duties, including online meeting/video conferencing. Members can confidently nominate regardless of home location.

Please consider nominating for membership of the National Committee. It is vital we get new members onto the committee as it is a marvellous opportunity to contribute to the generation of new ideas in nurse education, support members and ensure the continuation of this professional organisation. It is a volunteer organisation and we rely on our membership to keep supporting our most important people – us!

What are the criteria for membership of the National Committee?

  •     a member of ANTS,
  •     an interest in nurse education and educators
  •     a willingness to work with others in supporting educators
  •     available time to attend meetings and complete activities

National Nurse Education Conference 8-10 Sep 2021

The Conference is fast approaching. Registration is open - Find out more by visiting the conference site at ANTS Member discounts apply.

In response to recent COVID-19 outbreaks and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding border closures and travel restrictions, the NNEC 2021 Organising Committee made the decision to convert our September conference to a virtual format. While we highly value meeting face to face, we have concluded moving to a virtual conference is the best course of action to take this year to ensure we can continue to network and share knowledge in the safest and least disruptive way. We will be using a leading virtual conferencing system to achieve the best attendee experience.

We have engaged terrific plenary speakers who aim to inspire and motivate participation in education as well as stimulate attendees’ thinking on a variety of education topics. The virtual experience will include live-chats and question times, competitions, and places to explore (sponsors ‘tables’, posters, and some exciting activities) – just as though you were at a face-to-face conference. Registration also allows you access to all the presentation videos and posters for at least two months after the conference close.

Julie Shaw, Acting President