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ANTS constitution update - AGM discussion

ANTS constitution update - AGM discussion

by Michelle Girdler -
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Hell all

at the recent AGM held at the 2014 NNEC a discussion about the constitution and membership categories plusĀ  other points were raised. The attendee's identified that it was a good time to review the current constitution and a small group of volunteers would action this.

I believe Narelle Summerfield and Janette Dyson were willing to lead / participate in this activity- as were some others whose names i dont have.

If you were at the AGM or are interested in participating in a review of the constitution please express interest via a reply to this post.

Narelle and Janette - if i am incorrect in my recall please let me know.



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Re: ANTS constitution update - AGM discussion

by Jenice Smart -
Hello all I am happy to be involved in this discussion Jenice