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ANTS 44th National Annual General Meeting

ANTS 44th National Annual General Meeting

by Stuart Taylor -
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ANTS 44th National Annual General Meeting

Conducted as an Online Event

25 June 2020 0800hrs Opening of Annual General Meeting
12 Jul 2020 2400hrs Closing of meeting

ANTS has Members across Australia and because of the restrictions due to COVID19 the conduct of the 2020 AGM will be reduced in scope. The principal tool will be the use of a Questionnaire with members being asked to record questions on notice; approve key documents and committee reports and nominate for Committee appointments. Members are encouraged to ask questions of the committee by posing appropriate questions as they fill out the Questionnaire. 

Action Required

  • Log in to the ANTS AGM 2020 Web Site
  • Review the President's Report and Treasurers Report
  • Complete the ANTS 44th AGM Ratification, Questions on Notice and New Business Register
  • Complete the ANTS National and State Committees Nomination Register

If you have difficulty logging in please email Stuart Taylor for assistance at

ANTS is a voluntary organsation dependant on the willingness of members to contribute to the Society. In particular we ask members to consider serving on our committees.