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Rewarding Preceptors

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Re: Rewarding Preceptors
by Janine Kane - Thursday, 10 September 2015, 11:10 AM

Hi Gillian,


At Central we ask our students to nominate ‘buddy nurses’ / preceptors who have been particularly helpful and supportive. We then forward this to the hospitals, though many of the hospitals have their own preceptor nomination forms which students need to complete on their last day!


The hospitals I have worked with have a monthly preceptor of the month award, which is a certificate of excellence.  At the end of the year  formal announcements of preceptor of the year is announced and a gift voucher and certificate is given to them.


I personally like the idea of sending the CNM of the area the names of the ward staff who have had positive feedback written about them by the students. This is then placed in the staff tea room. It boosts the morale of the ward staff on a more continuous level (students rotating through every 2- 6 weeks) so it’s not a once a month or year only thing.


Hope this is helpful.


Kind regards,


Janine Kane